Guest Blog: The Cry for a Kingdom Man

by Michael Dawson | July 11, 2014

In February of last year, a friend of mine was leading a bible study at my church. His subject was “The Cry for a Kingdom Man” based on Dr. Tony Evans’ book Kingdom Man. Dr. Evans is one of the country’s most respected pastors. His church in Dallas, TX has over 10,000 members and he is heard nationally across the airwaves every day.

As soon as I got home from church, I dialed up Amazon and bought the book. Since then I have read several more of his books. In Kingdom Man, Dr. Evans makes a profound statement that I continue to think about every day.

He says that the problems of today are not economic although they fall within that realm. They are not social or political although they fall within that realm. The problems of today are spiritual and it’s the lack of Kingdom Men. Initially I didn’t quite get it, but after much reflection it made sense.

Culture is playing a far more significant role in the establishment of values than in the past. There are some that celebrate going to prison – going as far as throwing a party before going in. Gone are the days of there being a stigma attached to having a baby at 16 or 17 years of age. Dr. Evans’ premise is that today’s problems are deeply rooted in the decision making process which has been degraded by the decline in moral and spiritual values.

The book is titled Kingdom Men. So, it appears as though Dr. Evans is putting much of the burden on men. However, everything in his book is biblically based. When God came looking for Adam and Eve in the garden he called for Adam. He didn’t say where are you all. “But the LORD God called to the man, ‘Where are you?’” (Genesis 3:9).

Men have been expected to lead since the beginnings of time. However, Adam demonstrated that we have struggled with that authority.

      As the devil was rapping to Eve, Adam stood in silence. – Leaders Lead

Yes, we are both (men and women) in this together. By the way, he has written a book with his daughter called Kingdom Women. It will take efforts from both to make change. That all said, in my book it’s on our shoulders to get this party started. If we start leading – there will be millions of women by our sides supporting us.

A Kingdom Man is a man that puts God first in their life and are responsible leaders within their sphere of influence.



Michael K. Dawson is an entrepreneur and co-founder of Kingdom Men Inspires, Inc. a nonprofit organization that equips men of all ages to be responsible leaders. He blogs at and Each day he attempts to live by his motto No Excuses NONE – the soul of a leader.

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